Denitsa Nikolova Deputy Minister in “Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works”, Head of the OP“Regions in Growth” 2014-2020

Denitsa Nikolova

Arch. Zdravko Zdravkov Chief Architect of Sofia Municipality

Arch. Zdravko Zdravkov Arch. Zdravko Zdravkov was born in Pleven in 1972. He graduated from VIAS (UACEG), with a major in Architecture in 1997. He graduation project was a shopping mall, for which he received an award from the Bulgarian Chamber of Architects. Experienced in administration, he was Head of the urban..


Ivan Velkov Deputy Chairman of Sofia Municipality Council

Ivan Velkov

Daniel Panov Chairman of “National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria”

Daniel Panov The National Association of Municipalities is the ’voice’ of local governments. We assist and support municipalities in their efforts for the benefit of local citizens. United in their National Association, Bulgarian municipalities can jointly stand up for their common interests. ..


Svetoslava Georgieva CEO of „Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria”

Svetoslava Georgieva

Nadia Dankinova CEO of „Sustainable Urban Development Fund“

Nadia Dankinova

Arch. Lubo Georgiev Executive Director OP "Sofproekt-OGP" and team leader "Vision for Sofia"

Arch. Lubo Georgiev

Dipl. Eng. Theodore Petkov Mayor of Vitosha district

Dipl. Eng. Theodore Petkov Mr. Petkov was born in 1975. in Sofia. He graduated form Sofia University from the department of Information Technology and Management and Industrial Management. He holds a Master's degree in Industrial Management and a specialization in Political Management from the Council of Europe in ..


Evgenia Karadjova CEO, ESRI BULGARIA

Evgenia Karadjova

arch. urb. Nurhan Regeb Sofia - City for the people

arch. urb. Nurhan Regeb

Prof. Dr. Mihail Tsankov CEO, Irkon

Prof. Dr. Mihail Tsankov Mihail Tzankov graduated UACEG in 1973. He has specialized in the Center for Applied Mathematics at the Technical University - Sofia, and in 1978 he has defended his thesis and got PhD. He joined the department "Steel, Wood and Plastic Structures" in 1978 as an assistant, after that he ..


Arch. Ani Markova Creative manager Ivo Petrov Architects

Arch. Ani Markova

Ivelina Strateva Head of Economic and Business Activities directorate, Burgas Municipality

Ivelina Strateva


Vassil Takev

Todor Todorov Senior Expert, Transconsult-22

Todor Todorov Education:   MSc, Civil Engineer “Transport and Highway Construction” University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, September 1978 - July 1983 December 2008        Training course “Instructor of traffic safe..


Prof. Dr. Eng. Stoyan Bratoev Executive Director of "Metropolitan"

Prof. Dr. Eng. Stoyan Bratoev Stoyan Bratoev, CEO of METROPOLITAN EAD Metropolitan is owned by Sofia Municipality and serves rapid rail transport – the metro in Sofia. Its main purpose is to provide quick and safe transport for passengers. Its activity is oriented to investors’ control over design and construction..


Dipl. Eng. Stefan Chonkov project manager, G.P. Group JSC.

Dipl. Eng. Stefan Chonkov

Arch. Farid Paktiawal Paktiaval Architects

Arch. Farid Paktiawal

Dipl. Eng. Kliment Ivanov Head Depratment Building Projects of Stanilov EOOD

Dipl. Eng. Kliment Ivanov

Christian Petrov Executive Director, "Urban Mobility Center" LTD, Sofia

Christian Petrov

Dipl. Eng. Svetoslav Pehlivanov Construction manager, Geostroy

Dipl. Eng. Svetoslav Pehlivanov

Dipl. Eng. Vladislav Petrov Manager of MS 18, Trace Group hold

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